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The Unfolding of Romans

Observations in Form
Wayne Olson
ISBN: 1-4141-0159-7
Format: Paperback
Subject: Bibilical Studies
Pub Date: 09/30/2004
Publisher: Pleasant Word
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About This Book

The Apostle Paul wrote in Greek, therefore his writings have been regarded as Greek literature. In the Greek culture, to be a writer you conformed to one of the many Greek forms of writing. Scholars have had difficulty saying that any one of Paulís writing is written in any one of these forms.

Not knowing the form means that we do not know how parts relate to one another. This results in many unanswered questions, for example:

  1. Is Romans nine through eleven parenthetical or are they a part of Paulís intended presentation?
  2. Is the good of Romans 8:28 a general good or one particular good?
  3. When Paul struggled with sin in chapter seven, was it as a believer or as an unbeliever?
  4. Who was Paul referring to, when in chapter two he speaks of Gentiles who by nature keep the law?

The Unfolding of Romans maintains that Romans is written in chiasmus, a literary form that is common in the Old Testament. Previously a few examples of chiasmus have been found in Romans. In The Unfolding of Romans it is demonstrated that the whole of Romans is written in this format.

Large chiastic systems are sometimes found in the Old Testament, but these have been difficult to demonstrate in the New Testament. In The Unfolding of Romans three types of large systems are defined, and then it is demonstrated that Paul uses them repeatedly in Romans.

For those not familiar with chiasmus an introductory text is incorporated into the introduction. This text starts with the smallest and most basic examples and works gradually up to the largest and most complex. A person does not need to know anything concerning chiasmus to read this book.

Wayne is a 1969 graduate of Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. He married Patricia Owen one year later and together they joined The Rural Home Missionary Association with whom they served thirteen years. Following this they joined The Independent Bible Mission of Michigan and served with them for five years.

In 1994, after a bout with cancer, Pat was taken home to be with the Lord. Since then Wayne has filled the pulpit and presently serves as deacon in a local church. He supports himself by working as a certified nurseís aid in a long-term medical care facility.

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